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Simple, affordable digital services and designs for those who don't want to do it.


iDigital Services™ Specials

Website: Beautiful One Page 5 Sections
Scrolling Design* $1250.00
Save $300
Regular Price $1550.00 USD*

*Content and graphics provided by client. New customers only

2-Track EQ & Mastering
Starting at $125.00 USD†

† Stereo 2-Track L/R. Limit 5 hours and 3 Proofs. Stem Mix w/Mastering also available starting at $250 USD

iMini Movie Package
7-10 minutes $550.00 USD*

*Content and graphics provided by client. Content creation and graphics not included.[/ms_promo_box

iDIgital Services™ Available
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Simple Template Websites

We offer Simple "Free Template Based" Websites starting at $275.00 USD for those who need only a Simple Solution for a presence online. 5 (five) pages of choice. You provide the content and Graphics and we will put it all together for you after you choose a template. Special requests for addition functions based on price of options of readily available plugin or template options.

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A Lil' More Complicated

This package is for the Mom & Pop or Web Newbie who may need something a bit more complicated such as a "shopping cart" for selling goods and services ". This package starts at $350.00 USD.  You would be responsible for setting up your own Payment Gateways and we will configure the site's shopping cart for your choice of payment gate ways. We can offer to load the items for sale in your online store for a "per item" fee.

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Beyond Complicated

Considering the "average cost" for a new website is roughly $2000.00-$3000.00 plus, "all in", we feel our Niche of Simplicity is perfect for our clients. However, we do have a network of Companies who can provide much more elaborate and complicated solutions for your web design needs. Reach out via our Contact link.

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Simple Audio Production

We offer Simple "Audio Production" starting at $125.00 USD for those who need only a Simple Solution for an Audio Recording you may need Re-EQ'ED, Mastered, Stereo Balanced . You provide the content and we will get your audio sounding as great as possible. Special requests for addition services, such as Re-Mixing a project, adding tracks or Stem Mixing w/Mastering etc. are available on a "per quote" basis.

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Simple Mini Movie Projects

This package is for the Mom & Pop who may need or want to put together a DVD or downloadable, uploadable video of Family Portraits or movie clips or perhaps a Memorial Tribute to a Loved One Departed. This package starts at $350.00 USD.

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Simple Social Profile Setup

This package is for those few who still can't figure out the whole "social media" thing. We will set up your Social Media Profiles on a "per profile" basis. These packages start at $75.00 per profile page/account.


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